DJ Mo & Size 8

Gospel artiste Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo have always been an easy target for trolls. But that has never deterred them from doing what they love most nor from loving each other. From spreading the gospel of God to documenting everything they do both at home and in public on their vlog, this power couple has always left many dying of jealousy.

‘Jificheni Kwa Mabawa Ya Yesu! Mmezidi Sasa. Attention Seekers,’ Kenyans Go Ham On Size 8 and DJ Mo

Size 8, who is a role model to many young women out here, has finally spoken sense about marriage. According to the Mateke hitmaker, no marriage is perfect and it takes a lot of effort and sacrifices to make it work.

Size 8 also revealed that most couples pretend to be okay in public just to fool people but in the real sense, a lot happens behind closed doors. There have been rumours that DJ Mo and Size 8’s marriage is on the rocks but it seems, the strong woman she is, she is focused on saving her marriage.

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The mother of one further advises women to be prayerful and God will answer their prayers instead of ranting how their husbands are dogs on social media.

“Morning from us The Murayas hope you are well and I just wanted to have a brief chat with all the married people out there with my little knowledge and experience concerning marriages I’ve realised every single marriage has a battle it’s facing because the devil hates marriages it can be financial, lack of children, health, pride, fear, infidelity, misunderstandings, in-laws, friends, overworking or natural calamities or even spiritual bondage,” wrote Size 8.

She continued;

“Don’t look at a couple and think they are the best and perfect if you open their private doors you never know what you will hear or see. Build your own paradise and work on your own little heaven. Before you give up give it one more try but this time allow God to be at the centre of it. You have a beautiful marriage that many people admire that you will never know. Remember the devil came to steal, kill and destroy. Am praying for each and every one of you. I just love to seeing couples blossom.”

Size 8’s sentiments ignited mixed reactions and here is what some of the social media users had to say:

Irene: Amen…no matter how many years you’ve been in marriage, I just love this message, may God also make your family prosper

Tina: You people brag a lot. I’ve been forced to unlike your page. You are not God fearing couple.

Meg Shi: Offer this advice on your 30th marriage anniversary…kua mpole mama uishi kuona mengi.

Cathy: Uko na mapepe ndio unayo nyingi uibambiji wako hata hauna funzo. Pole sana nini unachokifahamu kuhusu ndoa, Mimi Niko na miaka kumi na tano na siringi lakini punguza mapepe dada

Esther: Size is simply preaching the gospel that most preachers won’t tell you!.

Elizabeth: Drama queen u still new in this institution what do you know about marriage
Keep it up size 8 reloaded and may Jehovah God bless your marriage.
Mathew: Thanks for being a blessing and may Almighty God bless ur marriage and your family.

Gladys: Wonderful words but am wondering why pple are reacting negatively to this post,what she has said its true either it was said by someone who is in 30yrs,2yrs,50yrs or even months in marriage.

Rita: Very true……may God be the Key to our marriages…

Wambui: Have been through hell and back in the name of marriage!! Am still in it but on my way to exit come January