Otile Brown and Vera

Kenyan artiste Otile Brown has no time for haters.

The Alivyonipenda hitmaker has told off critics and advised them not to meddle in his business.

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According to the singer, people have been inboxing his girlfriend Vera Sidika bad mouthing him, claiming that he was a broke man to be with. He says women have been insulting Vera for stopping too low to date him.

Otile Brown
Otile Brown’s response to haters

Yesterday, before returning to Nairobi, the duo had some great time in the coastal city and Otile Brown shared photos driving around with his better half.

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They even stopped at a local kiosk to buy cassavas and this didn’t go well with their followers.


Otile Brown eating cassavas
Otile Brown eating cassavas

The singer went ahead to rant calling out h**s for being jealous of the bootylicious socialite.

A section of the socialite’s fans were not impressed after Otile took her to a kibanda to eat cassavas and he has responded to them saying:

Otile said that he is so much in love with Vera Sidika and in case they were to part ways, life would still go on.

Otile Brown

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Vera Sidika is all about money moves and she’s starring in a Hollywood reality show which is set to air soon.

Vera Sidika
Vera in the past