Churchill is one of the most successful entertainment entrepreneur Kenya has ever seen. The man behind the popular Churchill Show is all about the money, having set up complimentary businesses and events that generate millions in both gate collection and advertising revenue.

Aibu Za 860 Bob! Popular TV Comedian Refuses To Pay His Cab Guy (EMBARRASSING SCREENSHOTS)

And while I know he has a BMW 320i, he would much rather run in an efficient little dudu most would rather die than be seen in -that just to show you the business acumen far outstrips the needs of his ego.

Comedian David The Student In Trouble After Allegedly Borrowing Money From A Lady

I was minding my own when I saw the little car parked right outside the office and I couldnae help but snap afew photos of the dudu to share with the internets because, in this period where negativity seems to be everywhere what with the elections right round the corner, we need this positivity.

‘I Love People Who Gossip Behind My Back,’ Churchill Responds To Rumors That He Is Dead