Ben Kangangi

City businessman Ben Kangangi is not happy with our current leaders especially those from Nairobi county.

Ben Kangangi

Kangangi, one of the Nairobi residents who exercised his right to vote in the last general election has called out the Governor Mike Sonko, Senator Sakaja and other leaders from the county claiming that they are sleeping on their jobs.

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Ben Kangangi has narrated how he almost died after his Porsche Panamera (a luxury 4-door sedan) nearly rolled over after he hit a pothole along Waiyaki way.

“After queuing for a gruesome three and a half hours in August to vote for MCA, MP, governor and president in the last year general election,I am a bitter and severely frustated kenyan. Promises were made for better roads and up to par health facilities and even additional stadiums, lol. Instead nairobi residents have been left at their own mercies with dilapidated roads, dry taps, unemployment, street families amongst many endless ills,” he wrote in part.

Kangangi went ahead to write

“Fellow Kenyans, we surely deserve better.. Much better than we’ve been made to accept. I almost rolled my car after hitting a massive pothole along waiyaki way in westlands over the weekend. Why aren’t we mad? What are my taxes used for?

I appeal to H. E @governormikesonko, @jsakaja and H. E @president.of.kenya to pull up their socks!! For heaven’s sake please do better..all of you. Whether you voted for Jubilee or not demand better.”

Here’s the photo of his car

Ben Kangangi
Ben Kangangi’s Porsche Panamera

His car is worth Sh14,998,902 before tax, which means, it’s double the price – Sh 29, 997,804. He owns other fleets of cars among them Range Rovers, Mercedes Benz.

Ben Kangangi

Ben Kangangi is a great example of grass to grace and his story has always inspired many.

“I was born in KerugoyaKirinyaga county a little over thirty years ago by a gracious single mother who worked so tirelessly hard to raise me with very little.
The first time I set foot in Nairobi, I was the age of 12 In a time different than today’s,a time in which the odds of me being here would not have fallen in my favourback then no route had been established for where I was hoping to go,no pathway left in evidence for me to trace,no custom for me to follow.
The building you see me standing next to was home for over ten years;a tiny shack with just enough space for a stove and a mattress which I shared with my mother without proper sanitation, poor lighting, human  waste flowing right at the front door and untold noise  -This was my everyday life!

I remember countless nights when I heard people being stabbed right outside our house and still to this day I can make out their cries for helpI remember seeing body parts the next morning flowing in the open sewers sometimes for days end before the police would come fetch them. I could go on and on but I’ll sum it up and say it was not a sight to behold and truly there isn’t any virtue in poverty.

After high schoolwhich was marred with endless drama because of lack of school fees or books or proper school uniform or a geometrical set, I decided to join the workforce and was lucky to find work as a pool attendant,a job which afforded me a monthly salary of kes 800. lol!
I later moved to my own 500/- Bob house which saw me remain with 300/- for food and transport, tough times!
The salary was so inconsistent, and the boss would literally pay or fire me depending on what he felt like-So each day was a Big Suprise.
Turns out his place was built on a road Reserve and was marked for demolition rendering me jobless. Had to think on my feet and hustle from Pub to Pub gambling on the pool table so I could afford to eat and pay my rent. This wasn’t easy either. I was forced to retreat at a point because my house would get locked because of delay with rent payment.
I decided to move in with a friend and promised to pay half of the rent which I barely managed. Two and a half months in,as I walked back to gumba estate-My new found home, the poor fella had had it with my endless stories and decided to neatly pack all my earthly belongings in a sack then patiently waited by the balcony for me to return. Upon laying sight on me he ran out of patience; whistled loud enough for me to look up and then dropped the sack dramatically falling on my feet all the way up from the 6th floor of the flat we once shared.He then proceeded with very loud and clear warning for me not to set foot back to his house. These were the stories that characterised my life with such regularity , so much I thought I was cursed.
I slept outside with a security guard that night and left my belongings at his gate which I was to pick later.That same day I gambled at the pool table at Jambo grill on Thika road and won kes 40,000, used part of the money to put a downpayment to buy a second-hand pool table and as they say the rest is history. I have gone ahead to buy and sell merchandise and tried different business ventures which have seen me spectacularly fail and other times get lucky by God’s grace. I have vast interest in fashion and proceeded to open Benka Fashions-a chain of stores that sell my designs and wears , Benka entertainment (B Sound), Benka Interiors and Benka Automobiles.

Well, the city tycoon recently made news after he sued Anerlisa Muigai for failing to pay a debt of Sh19.9 million. The case is still in court and we will update you on the progress.

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 Governor Sonko’s leadership has been challenged by many and recently, a distraught hawker wrote an open letter to him. (Click on the link below to read the open letter)

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