Larry Madowo

It seems Kenyans are tired of waiting to see Larry Madowo’s wife and probably kids. They want to see the multi-talented media personality happy and for that reason they can’t stop pressuring him to marry.

So, Larry Madowo recently introduced one of the most special women in his life, his first employer Lorna to his fans.

“Lorna Nyatome gave me my first paid job in media when I was just 19. She hired me as a writer for a now-defunct tech magazine called E1. I was objectively terrible but she had faith in me & saw potential. I’m forever grateful to her for getting me started in journalism that early,” he tweeted accompanied by the photo below.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo with Lorna Nyatome

That gig cemented my love for technology, taught me how to write and reaffirmed my career choice. Even though I went on to cover business news, politics and pop culture, tech has always been my first love.

“The moral of this story is that you need to start now, with what you have and what you already know. As a 19-year-old first year student in college, I didn’t have much writing skills but I knew I wanted to make a career in journalism. When I went for the interview that got me hired at KTN, I had nothing but those writing samples from jobs like this. Linus Kaikai, Farida Karoney and the management then hired me purely on the strength of my writing.

Don’t wait until you get your diploma, degree or professional certification. Start looking for opportunities in your chosen field now!’ he added.

Well. some of his fans praised him for being a great journalist while others were more preoccupied with trolling him specifically asking him to marry before it’s too late.

Check out the comments

Calvo: Tell her to get you a wife bro… ikuodo wiwa bana…

Bonnie: She should start you getting a lady to marry ,seems u have a problem with starting

John Snow: She looks young. Awww. Marry her

Lyeyah Jontez: But she looks young . Pesa ni nzuri I say!!! Meanwhile rudisha mkono Larry! Even if it means marrying wanjiru, njeri, wanjiku!! Your welcome!!! Nyumba ya Mumbi no ngombe na muratina withiire na minji!!

Emmaculate: Larry hii ni swali tu.. ulipata hio job afta form four tu ama ukiwa first yr? Coz sisi wengine at 19 tuko mafresher.. anyway congrats you are the best.

Omamo: Lorna nyatome we need to talk this boy hataki kuowa and you gave hem a job

CJ Kwach: Larry as a token of appreciation Mary her daughter. Rudisha mkono Larry.
Kirwa: I want to know how many have you assisted to grow, how many have you fought for to get a job in media industry??? That’s the best you can pay to Lorna Nyatome nothing else

Mutahi Joseph: Return the favour! give someone a job! I have a cousin who can’t find a husband. zero ‘wifable’ qualifications just like you at 19, but look what you became. Rudisha mkono Larry, anakaa nyumbani anazaa tu kila mwaka

Gloria: A lady pick you, Larry, time to pick me interested in reporter job but a place can access to report is at my home talking to pictures on the wall

Giddy: I’ve read the whole of your story be4, you indeed an inspiration to many with similar humble beginnings

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