COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli is a man who loooooooooooooves his lingala and rhumba music. He loves is it sooooooooooo much that he even has a whole song composed in his honour.

When he turned 7 years old, Atwoli had the music video for the song titled, Atwoli Birthday 6.6 by Congolese stars Evala Mbuta featuring Koko Nyboma.

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The video is shot on location at Atwoli’s vast estate in Kajiado.

“Atwoli is very supportive in Lingala music, and he has always been attending our performances,” Sawu Sawu, a member of the band, told Mpsaho a while back.

The song basically talks about Atwoli and the blessings the music band were wishing on him. In one stanza, they praise the Cotu secretary-general as well as thanking his parents for bringing him to the world.

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Here is a recent video fo Evala shooting in Kajiado. This video was to promote his new track dubbed “Staircase”.

Evala is also promoting another release titled Sarah Solo. Atwoli’s wife, Mary klilobi also loooooooves it. She promoted it on her socials. Check it out below.

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