Size 8 praying

Just because you are good at something it doesn’t mean you will be accepted wherever you go.

Some stars know that all too well, considering they publicly admitted to getting rejected by fellow celebrities.

Some of them even joke about it, but others had some pretty embarrassing encounters that they’d rather not acknowledge.

Gospel singer Linnet Munyali, popularly known as Size 8, has revealed just how tough it was for her gaining acceptance from other converted Christians, when she got born again.

“Most of my critics were from church and most of the people who stood by me and supported my move, yet they did not even understand it, were people of the world. So I was a bit confused,” Size 8 revealed.

Willy M Tuva– Tuva disclosed that he had the idea for Mambo Mseto long before the show first went on air and unsuccessfully knocked on the doors of several radio stations with his written proposals.

“They’d give me appointments and kept telling me to come tomorrow. But I never gave up,” Tuva recalled.

‘It’s good it happened,’ Size 8 is happy DJ Mo was unfaithful

Akothee– she claimed that she was banned from getting a visa for South Sudan on grounds of Immorality something the Embassy strongly denied. This was just days after the singer was bashed online for her stunts during a recent performance at the coast.

Octopizzo– When he started his career as a rapper, Kibera’s finest singer Octopizzo was rejected many times. The same was not just happening on stage; it happened even in his academic life. When he applied for undergratuate courses, almost every university rejected him.