Kenyan boys group Ethic is in mourning after the loss of their close friend in a shooting incident.

Initially, netizens thought it was one of the group members called Seska who had died.

Speaking to Eve, a representative from AI Records, Eve said that Seska was alive and kicking.

He is very much alive.

They have lost a friend and It’s just that Seska was not in the video so people assumed that he is the one.

A close source to Mpasho revealed that the friend was shot and it is not yet clear why.

Below are some of the reactions from twitter.

@KabarakFinest01: I hope this is not a publicity stunt like y’all musicians have been up to it lately. if Seska is dead may HR rest in peace. But kama ni uongo Shetani awalambe uso
@telehmani: Its not an f’n stunt. They lost their friend bana. Just because seska wasn’t there doesn’t mean it’s him. Be serious.
@OwichBrio: Why would they joke about death? Seska is still young in the industry manze.
@itsKiragu: Huyo msee amebreak hizo news za Seska ni Yule aliwa analia hapa juu he was removed from a WhatsApp group? LMFAOO
@willy_davido: Legends are publicly killed a number of times before they actually die

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