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Nairobi County women representative, Esther Passaris took one social media user to task after he made known his intentions of marrying the legislator’s beautiful daughter, Kenna.

This happened on Monday after Passaris posted a photo of her daughter with a lengthy beautiful message as she turned 22 today.

Here’s her birthday message.

In my daughter’s eyes, I see a mature girl ready to take on the world, one who can think deeply and dare to find solutions. I love you Kenna and I know you will bloom in your own time. Don’t rush through life’s mysteries, but enjoy every stage. Happy, Happy 22nd Birthday.

passaris daughter

Toto si toto! Meet Esther Passaris’ drop dead gorgeous daughter

The user who goes by the name Kimutai asked for the politician’s compound coordinates adding that he may be lucky enough to woe her daughter and end up becoming Passaris’ son in law.

I need coordinates to your compound. Who knows, luck may make me your son-in-law. He tweeted.

His message was quickly met with an unexpected response with Passaris lecturing the young man on what he actually needed in order to win Kenna’s heart reminding him that he did not need luck, since her daughter is not a lottery ticket.

However she advised him to work hard, embrace good values as well as have a great character if he ever was to have a chance with her daughter.

Read her message below.

Hard work. Good Values and Character. Never Luck. She isn’t a lottery ticket. A beautiful soul waiting for her soul mate. Mummy has nothing to do with it. This is where #DreamsNotValid The Science and Statistics of life are harder and tougher in real life than in the classroom.


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