Esther Chebet alias Matilda of Real House Helps of Kawangware has talked about how she would cry, wondering why her life wasn’t working out.

In a social media post, Chebet penned on how she wondered why people who had performed worse than her, were successful in life.

‘We all have stories, I know of this happy soul who had to keep a smiling face and work really hard so that those Civil servants would come back to have their payslips printed out, KRA returns filled, Emails checked…..

She would then go back home to cry herself to sleep.

She couldn’t just understand why she had to be the one sitting in that cyber whilst those who had performed poorly joined their desired universities.

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She had to, her mother couldn’t afford it! She had to, because that’s where her story began. Today, I see people commenting on what we haven’t achieved.
” Havai hivi, Haendeshi hii, anaishi huku…”

Matilda added

‘Are we happy and comfortable? Yes, because we know how far we’ve come and we Understand that we all have different races to run.

Don’t be the reason someone falls into depression for not living the way you expect them to. Give people time to grow.
I’m proud of her 👆 Her smile has changed, Her eyes are shine brighter!’

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