Apostle Joseph Hellon who is known for his saxophone skills wants to add a feather to his cap, the title of commander in chief and president if Kenya.

The last time he made that declaration was at in the middle of the Finger of God controversy involving Quincy Timberlake and Ester Arunga – who was to be his running mate.

Quincy is currently held in a mental institution in Australia after he was arrested and charged for the murder of his first born child.

Esther served probation and avoided prison.

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Anyhow, he took to his socials to announce that he is eyeing the top job and office in the land.

His announcement was titled, REVAMPING MY PRESIDENTIAL AMBITIONS.”

Read his strategy below.

“On a day like today, 11 years ago, I announced my interest to run for presidency and I was promptly arrested two days later and charged in court on trumped up accusations. I was baptized into African politics through the penal code!

Well, the charges against me and my colleagues were dropped for lack of evidence. I learnt that if my announcement to run for office could shake deep state like a surprise earth quake, then I stood a chance to make a difference in the scenic and sometimes squeamish politics of our country.

I’m currently on the drawing board and on a strategic mission as I study the political landscape of our country Kenya.

In collaboration with like minded patriots, I will be rolling our my plan as I gear towards the mental, emotional and economic emancipation of our beloved country. One has to feel great about their country if they are to help build its economy. Happiness is an inherent right and that’s why emotional emancipation is pivotal, alongside relevant education and activated entrepreneurship.

Unleashing the potential within our youths by supporting innovation and empowering creation of personal wealth and sustainable community incentives towards economic freedom will be top of our agenda.

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We will secure our people and security can only be achieved when the populace is delivered from poverty into a sunrise of equitable opportunities for personal development and wealth creation.

Our agenda towards international policy will be geared towards strong leveraged negotiations and deal making with the aim of alleviating the weight of fiscal burdens that are breaking the back of the camel called Kenya.

We have enough natural resources to turn the tide and catch up with Singapore and South Korea, our nascent peers in the game of economic prowess, even though they overtook us leaving us in economic shame.

For those who have urged me to keep my focus on the goal ahead, I thank you. For those who have persecuted me, I’m grateful that you’ve strengthened my leadership muscles and have taught me humility. For my followers, fans and supporters, I’m here at your service.

May God bless Kenya, the land of greatness, the Eden of wealth, the land of diversity and the land of the brave!”

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