Rose Mueni, the ex-wife of Quincy Timberlake, has for the first time after parting ways with him.

Quincy Timberlake's ex-wife and children

Rose and Quincy were blessed with three sons and in an interview with Ebru TV, she revealed that when she met Quincy, she fell in love with him at first sight. Mueni revealed;

It was love at first sight. He was in college, studying French at Alliance Française.. and I was in college as well We dated three months and got married.

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The born-again-mother narrated how all was rosy during their 10 years in marriage and couldn’t imagine that one day, she would be alone.

First few years was like heaven. He was a great guy and until today, I’m sure he’s still the best. There was no problem in 10 years of our marriage.

Quincy Timberlake

The two were such a lovely couple and they before Quincy eloped with Esther, they had just finished dowry negotiations. She said:

A year prior to what happened, we had just come from my parents home to talk about dowry and was happy that we were going to get married.

Rose was a loving wife, faithful and trusted Timberlake and even when he started traveling out of the country on business, she never smelled a rat.

He used to tell me that he was going put for business trips and this particular time, he told me he was going on a business trip out of the country for a week. But his phone was off the whole time he was away. I was worried and the following week, a neighbor came and told me to watch TV there was breaking news.

Mueni was shocked to find out that actually he husband Quincy, who was on a trip had walked down the aisle with former TV girl Esther Arunga.

I waited for the 4 o’clock news that day and I was shocked. I didn’t believe it. It was Quincy T marries Esther Arunga. I joked about it and said ‘this is just a soap opera’. It was so unbelievable! because someone that you’re so in love with can’t do that. 

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Mueni never thought Quincy would ever cheat on him. She said she over trusted him and waited for her husband to come back and explain but he never did.

He came after a week to check on us if whether we had food and kids were okay. He never explained that he did that because of this. After an hour, he left, leaving me with more questions than answers.

Mueni said it wasn’t easy but she managed to pick the broken pieces and stand firm in the Lord. She said;

It wasn’t easy. I sunk into depression. I was devastated, so broken and didn’t know what to do. Even my mother could not have comforted me. And that’s where God found m. My children were also so devastated and could not come to terms is it for real our father was doing this to us.


I lost my self-esteem and blamed myself. It really tore me apart.

From there she started going for counseling and after seven weeks, she picked up herself.

Things haven’t been rosy between Quincy and Esther back in Australia and we hope she will be back home soon.

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Mueni revealed she was a housewife and Quincy was their breadwinner.

Ever since he left the country, he has never helped us.

Credits: Ebru TV