Joseph Hellon

Jazz maestro and pastor Joseph Hellon, who was Esther Arunga’s friend at the peak of her career in an interview with NTV said,

Quincy was a conman and cyber-criminal. We went to the same school, we were friends and deskmates in primary school. We were neighboring each other upcountry where I grew up.

After investigation, he said he found out Quincy was a bad boy.

There was a syndicate in Hurlingham where these guys [‘spiritual fathers’] were pretending to be different people from different parts of the world and Quincy in collaboration with them worked to convince people that these spiritual people were giving information.

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The man of God explained,

That’s one of the reasons I thought that it was a wonderful reunion [Quincy and Esther’s relationship].

When Timberlake said that he knew Esther from before and at that time she was staying in my house as my cousin, I thought why not? we’re good people.

Asked if he was the matchmaker, Joseph declined, saying,

No. We don’t matchmake. As a preacher, the bible says you marry a person of your own choice, not the preacher’s choice. At no given time did I ever matchmake Esther and Quincy and at no given time did I ever support their relationship, but I respected Arunga as a 30-year-old making her own choice.

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Hellon, who accompanied Esther to most of her media interviews said that he warned Esther about her relationship with Quincy but she didn’t listen.

“When a human being who’s 30 tells you ‘i’ve chosen this person to marry,’ you cannot go against them.” he said.

Esther’s parents’ didn’t support her relationship with Timberlake and Hellon said,

There was a big mistake WHEN THEY [Arunga’s parents’] BEGAN TO FIGHT Quincy, and for that reason, Esther thought this is my savior and everyone else is against me.

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The pastor said despite warnings and pieces of advice he gave to the power couple by then, they fell on deaf ears.

‘I gave both Quincy and Esther advice but they didn’t take it. In 2010, I told Esther this [Quincy] was a bad man. We had a meeting; my wife, Quincy, Esther and I in December 2010 in my house in Kitisuru. I confronted Quincy with my evidence including some of the motherboards he used to remove after conning people on the internet so that the CIDs cannot access the information. ANd the syndicate he was running in Hurlingham as well and he started shaking and even cried,’ Hellon narrated.

He said that this didn’t go well with Esther and that was the end of their friendship.

That was the day Esther turned against me. She said ‘ooh so you’ve joined my parents. Hellon I thought you were my friend, so you’ve now turned against me’ [he said mimicking Arunga’s voice]. From that day onwards she blocked me. She completely disconnected herself from me but you know what…I asked both of them to leave my house.

Joseph spilt the beans about the two lovebirds, who left many questions in their trail whenever they defended their love for each other.

He said,

Quincy was not only manipulative but used witchcraft – black magic.


I told Esther everything but she never listened. She was a stubborn person. If she took a certain angle in a particular matter it became very difficult to persuade her. My wife also spoke to her but she never listened.

The TV girl and lawyer lived at Quincy’s home for quite a long time and even attended church services with them.

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