Gorgeous style influencer Sharon Mundia AKA This Is Ess took to Instagram to reveal the real inspiration behind her storytelling career.

Hers has been a stellar career, marked with highs and lows — as with any other career — but what has stood out is her bubbly persona that never dips.

Unlike many local fashion bloggers who just do it for fun, Sharon’s journey has a purpose. She went to South Africa to study literature, literally. After finishing campus, she started a daunting journey which has worked out so well for her. She has become a go-to blogger for many local and international brands that have seen as one of the most influential spaces in the local blogging space.

Her fans were treated to a surprise.

“I’ve always dreamed of having a home library that looked something like this bookstore (Between The Lines at Village Market). As a kid, my dad would always make sure our house was stocked with books & magazines and during every school holiday, he’d insist on us reading,” she revealed.

The mother of one seems to be doing just fine, despite recent rumors surrounding her marriage. Instead, she has chosen to share a great vibe with her fans. She is reflective of her interesting past and present.

Sharon Mundia 2

She continued,

“It didn’t matter whether it was a National Geographic magazine, a Greek mythology coffee table book or a Goosebumps novel; he just wanted to see our heads buried deep in a book, transported into a new world. That’s where my love for books & storytelling stemmed from and why bookstores have a special place in my heart! What are you currently reading? I’m halfway through Daring Greatly by Brené Brown.

Also, my prayers are with all the 2017 KCPE candidates sitting their exams this week! Xx”