Uthiru MCA surprises wife with a Mercedes Benz on her birthday

Money they say runs the world and Uthiru MCA Eric Warungu proved that after gifting his wife, Njeri Warungu, a brand new Mercedes Benz on her birthday.

In the video that has since gone viral, the wife is seen getting emotional as it dawns on her that indeed the car is truly hers.

This is despite the fact that the customized number plates had her name on it.

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Uthiru MCA gifts wife brand new Mercedes Benz on her birthday

This couple have two kids.

Below are some of the comments after watching that viral clip.

Mercy Njoki: Na mimi naambia boyfriend ati nataka mia mbili ya kunyolewa anasema ati ningoje nywele irefuke kidogo.
Stacy Viriango: Which side of the mountain does she face while praying? I want God to also answer my prayers. Congratulations to the new Mercedes Benz owner.
Nelly Mungai: The wife’s desire was a Benz from pics you can tell she has taken care of this great man. They have come from humble beginnings and proud of them may God open more doors and bless u abundantly. Congratulations Njeri wa Eriko.
Annah Njeri: Now some women will insult their husbands in directly because of this.
What some people don’t understand it’s that he is able to and that’s why he did it.
Wait for your men to reach that level s to and they will gift you what you also dream of. But meanwhile appreciate what he can afford if he is doing his best.
Charles Njuguna: Hata Mimi Nina efforts zangu za kuingia kwa nyumba kama nimebebea familia ka-yoghurt na nyama quarter…. Kwani iko nini….. Hehehe….Who is laughing now?
Stephen Echoto Ekai: If you treat your husbands like Kings and respect him and his relatives then you have all reasons to be treated well.Anything contrary to that then expect the same treatment.