Eric Omondi has been riding high on a huge wave of success and I for one am truly happy for him. He was recently on the Jimmy Fallon show entertaining guests on the untapped segments.

‘I Thought You Were Mad,’ Shouts Emmy Kosgei At Eric Omondi. Here Was His Reaction To This

But it seems it doesn’t end there. He is still winning and he wants you to know. He was recently on these social media streets showing what his successes have availed to him and I am happy to see him eat of his art.

Eric Omondi Finally Reveals Why He Left Churchill Show

It really isn’t easy to keep people entertained, engaged and all the while laughing. And he is a success story in his field if his popularity and demand are anything to go by. He was recently on these social media streets and he flashed some of his new toys. Check them out below:

eric omondi new toys