Eric Omondi's wedding

Seasoned comedian Eric Omondi on his Instagram imparted that the season 2 of his wife material show will be premiering soon, and it’s sooner than you expect.

The comic took to his Instagram, disclosing that the season 2 premiere is set for 2nd of March 2021, less than a month away.

Eric Omondi added that he’s realized he wasn’t getting any younger, divulging his current age – 38. He said that whilst the first season played out, he had a light-bulb moment and realized that it could be a perfect way to actually meet someone.

Alluding to the fact that he needs to settle down.

Eric Omondi's wedding

He promised his 3.2 million Instagram followers that albeit the first season of his show was choreographed and well executed, season 2 will have none of that.

Eric also added that season 2 will be a conglomerate of contestants from East Africa, with Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania offering 5 contestants each.

Adding that he wants the wider East Africa to witness him meeting someone, he suggested the show would be greater.

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He added prerequisites the contestants would have to meet to be considered eligible for the second season.

We’ll wait and see if the show will be another charade or whether the comic is going all out this time.