Without a doubt Eric Omondi is the King of comedy.

From his funny well thought out videos to his narration even during an interview he always finds a way to make people laugh, effortlessly.

The funny man who rose to fame from back then doing stand up comedy on Churchill show has officially been blessed by veteran comedian from Vioja Mahakamani, Lucy Wangui.

Lucy is known for her role as the serious never smilling judge in the court room comedy.

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This  happened after Eric Omondi launched his recording studio set to be used by both the upcoming and renowned artists in the country.

The excited Eric speaking during an interview done by Mpasho’s Kalondu Musyimi talked about his plans for the studio including an already bought aircraft for artists to use when shooting music videos.

The studio which is set to be completed by the end of the year contains a video studio, the audio studio, and a section branded the Mzee Ojwang’ studio set for comedians and an already complete editing suite.

This project has attracted veteran comedians such as Vitimbi’s Mama Kayai and Lucy Wangui who will be beneficiaries of the project.

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Eric took time to include sections of the studio which he named Mama Kayai and Mzee Ojwang’ Park.

The reason for doing so he says is because he has great admiration for them and grew up wanting to be like them.

Mama Kayai expressed her excitement to work in the studio, promising fans great comedy shows by the inclusion of the old and new comic vibe.

Vioja Mahakamani judge spoke highly of Eric Omondi terming him as the King of comedy.

The comedian shared on the interview that the aim is to try tap into the entertainment industry which is built on music, acting and comedy.

The studio will officially be operational come 2022.

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