Eric omondi
Eric omondi contemplating

Eric Omondi cockily dared Joe Muchiri and Sauti Sol with wagers that rested on the result of the Arsenal and Man United match that took place yesterday.

Joe Muchiri
Joe Muchiri

His bet with prominent blogger Joe Muchiri is now getting the most heat.

On his Instagram page, the comedian promised Joe that he would give him his wife and also shave his head bald if Arsenal won.

Eric, you see is a proud Man United fan, while Joe and Sauti Sol are loyal Arsenal supporters.

As most people know now, Arsenal soundly beat Man United and many are now asking for Eric to honour his bet, especially the part concerning him giving out his wife.

Eric Omondi
The comedian with Chantal, his fiancee

Did anyone really think that he would keep this part of the promise?

Eric divulged in a follow-up video that technically he didn’t have a wife but a girlfriendΒ in Chantal.

He hilariously explained:

Majameni ningependa niseme hivi. Tuwaxhe porojoΒ bana. Nilisema jana yakwamba nitapeana bibi lakini kila mtu anajua ya kwamba mimi niko na girlfriend. Sina bibi majameni. Sasa tuwache porojo, tuwache uwongo kusema ya kwamba Eric Omondi apeane bibi. Bibi mimi sina. Niko na fiancee, niko na girlfriend and it is public knowledge.

Eric with Chantal
Eric with Chantal

He then went on to address Joe Muchiri telling him to waitΒ until Eric was married.

That is when he could come and speak about people’s wives.

Check out his video response below:

Some of his followers responded saying:

viq_adley: Yani sai Joe Muchiri amekua ule jamaa πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

pavibenard: Weeee nyoa baaana kelele miingi achia watu wa arsenal

immacculate254: Haha,Eric, then we need your hair shaved.

dennisdean554: Ulisema uta shave your head.

Eric then posted an image of himself with a shaved dome but to the discerning eye, it looks like the work of photoshop.

Eric Omondi bald
Eric Omondi bald

So will he be a man of his word and not only shave his hair but also wash Sauti Sol’s car?

We will find out soon.

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