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Chantal Grazioli, the Italian babe who won Eric Omondi’s heart has surfaced online weeks after they parted ways.

Eric Omondi
Eric serenading Chantal

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The sexy lass shared a photo wearing a two piece bikini playing around in a swimming pool.

Chantal Grazioli
Chantal Grazioli shows off her sexy body in bikini

She captioned the above photo,

Finally summer 😍❤️
How is kenya?
Italy it’s too hot 🔥.

Omondi and Chantal’s split was amicable.

The two still follow each other on social media. Eric is still following Chantal’s mother on Instagram as well.

However, a section of Kenyans who don’t believe the two are no longer dating have termed it as a publicity stunt.

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Well, Kenyans have reacted to Chantal’s post and comments include;

jaspermurume We are going to mobilize elders from all Kenyan tribes to cast a spell on you. You broke the heart of our president. Njuri Ncheke is coming for you. You will walk back to Kenya and propose to Eric 🙄. While singing Extravaganza.

princenewton Our son is losing weight cause of you😂.

joewmuchiri @ericomondi is drinking too much buana.

ulizalinks We saw Eric and he is still strong. He tried to be Raila now and wants to do Willy Paul Next. You are our in law 😍😭😭. We miss you. ❤️❤️❤️

dannismasibo Father’s Day is on Sunday don’t forget o wish Erico happy Father’s Day 😋 was just reminding you 😂😂.

am_the_golden_barbie Eric ran mad, he started preaching, prays three times six times a day, hardly sleeps, chirrups like a mid day bird, his photos appear dull, his face wrinkled ulienda ukabeba make up zote, he looks teary😢😢If u have no plans to come back don’t ask about Kenya. Forget it 💔💔💔

odhiambogb Ni nini yenye uliwacha huku inakuwasha?

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morangidivinah Story ya huduma number iliisha rudi tu Kenya, hata tuko na pesa mpya.

fauzia505 Maskini bill board itaambia watu nini.

dee_gitobu Your Instagram in-laws are still in denial, we are still waiting for you, pls come home.

Eric Omondi responded. See it in the screenshot below.

Eric Omondi