Eric Omondi
The comedian with Chantal, his fiancee

Eric Omondi will always be in the news, if not for his comedic genius (I am a fan BTW) to his swimming ndethe with young boys to also for his relationship issues.

Eric Omondi Meme
Eric Omondi Meme



And he is very open about love for his yellow yellow fiancee Chantal. This week the comedian has been forced to dispell rumours that Chantal dumped him after she posted a cryptic message that read:

It’s funny how you think you know someone but you actually don’t.

Eric Omondi with with his girlfriend
Eric Omondi with with his girlfriend

This has made some wonder about the apparent state of their union. Her post comes barely weeks after Eric promised the public that a wedding would take place in 2019.

Bad break-up? The likely reasons Eric Omondi hasn’t been in court to support Jacque Maribe?

Eric has however refuted the claims. He spoke to Nairobinews telling them:

Those are just rumours my girlfriend is currently out of the country and I am at the moment busy with my comedy work. People are just very funny I remember them telling me to stop with so much lovey dovey and concentrate on my comedy but know that I am doing it they still have something to say.

Only time will tell how this relationship last, as many times long-distance relationships(which this is) don’t last that long.

Is this the beginning of the end for the couple or will the two beat the odds and amaze us with their long and fruitful relationship?

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