Eric Omondi
The comedian with Chantal, his fiancee

Award-winning comedian Eric Omondi will soon walk down the aisle with the love of his life Ms. Chantal Grazioli. The two have dated for a long time and it seems he has decided not to waste her time anymore.

Eric Omondi with with his girlfriend
Eric Omondi with his girlfriend

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During an interview with  Mzazi Willy Tuva on Radio Citizen, Omondi revealed they will tie the knot early next year (2019 before September). He said that they wanted to hold the ceremony this year but time is over.

I know we have dated for long and time is ripe for me to put on that ring and very soon, though it will not be this year rest assured September, 2019 we shall have exchanged vows. I have consulted from both sides and Chantal’s mother is a great friend of mine.

Not so long ago, Eric Omondi was savagely attacked for saying marriage is hard and not marrying his longtime girlfriend, Chantal.

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He shared a video of Chantal holding a chick and captioned;

But Marriage is hard… So my girlfriend adopted this Chick and named it CHICKita and now that she is away I am supposed to love it… Take care of it and watch it grow as a member of the family.

This did not go well with his followers. Some of the reactions included:

Silveraudreyfox: So women in marriage are still called a girlfriend?

Coyomba: Eric bwana! Marriage and girlfriend should not be used in the same sentence when referring to the same person.

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