Eric Omondi is without a doubt the best comedian around.The talented lad has managed to create a huge fanbase thanks to his creativity. Eric Omondi always leaves his audience in stitches while on stage and you wonder why he was named as one of the best stand-up comedians in Africa? Wonder no more you got the answer right there.

Eric Omondi who is known for corrupting other artistes songs, this year really worked hard on his music career, he proved to be the best. Months after corrupting Diamond Platnumz Nasema Nawe (biggest hit of 2015), Eric Omondi is back at it again and this time round, you will be mesmerized by what he did. He corrupted Diamond Platnumz new song Utanipenda which has attracted 1.1 million views on YouTube two weeks after it was released.

Eric Omondi’s Version of Diamond Platnumz’ “Nasema Nawe” Will Crack Your Ribs! (Video)

Eric Omondi’s version is titled Utanipea and if you thought Nabeba Mawe was the bomb, listen to this one