Eric Omondi is known for his sense of humour and it has indeed made him quite the household name. Sadly though, he is in my story because he is being accused of nearly causing grief yesterday. I was trawling the internets when I came across a rather interesting tweet by gifted Kenyan rapper Jemedari.



I called up a source of mine who was there at the time and he had this to say:

That happened at around 4 pm. You know there is a zebra crossing outside right (there is a zebra crossing right outside the Daystar that’s in Hurlingham. This guy just sped right by. Then he stopped infront of the roundabout oblivious of the motorists that were behind him. I was walking on the pavement towards KNH and when I got to the window, I saw Eric Omondi kissing some lass! That is why he was driving that recklessly!


I called up Eric Omondi for a comment and he had this to say: