Vera Sidika transformations

Socialite Vera Sidika has released a new song, Mimi. It’s trending and barely 12 hours later, it has clocked 88k views.

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In her new song, Vera discourages discrimination against skin colour. An extract of the song reads;

My skin don’t tell me who I am. My color don’t tell me where am from. Money don’t care, black or white bado utahusle Changamoto kibao [still you’ll hustle and challenges are a lot] haters ndo hao call it a struggle.

Maneno, maneno kila kukicha maneno I wish you would understand Sote kwa mwenyezi tuko sawa Cheupe cheusi (Ni kwa kupenda) Kubadili madini (Ni kwa kupenda) Kutenda mema (Ni kwa kupenda)

[Talking about me every day. I wish you would understand that all of us are equal before God whether white or black. To change color is someone’s choice. Doing good is also one’s choice.

Sidika says she’s still the same Vera we all know, telling critics to take a chill pill.

Ningali mimi (Mi ni yule yule) Ubaguzi wa nini? Fitina ya nini? [I’m still the one. Why discriminate? Why hate?].

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The bootylicious star spent millions on skin lightening, she first shared a photo looking darker than her normal complexion, leaving many confused,

She captioned it,


It turns out that the socialite has been using spray tan to achieve that look.

Spray tan

Sidika’s followers have reacted to her new music video and reactions include;

Mercy Wangeci I knew this was about to happen

Jackie Mueni We love you ata ukiwa vera blue.still the one fire .good vibe

Mary Wanjiku Very true, black or white bado utahustle. This is great Vera.

Okoyo Evance Kumbe ilikuwa ni music promotion. But you still beautiful though

Aflicker The black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness – Marcus Garvey

blackshe_wolf Queen Vee is the Queen of publicity stunts no doubt. Well done on confusing Kenyans me being one of them. Well done.
The song’s message is on point. Doesn’t matter if I’m black or white!! From earlier comments, it’s quite evident black hate is real.
The only constructive criticism, I’d give is that you’d have used dark melanin queens in your video as well. All the models were light-skinned. You didn’t represent the black queen and this would have been the greatest chance to do it!

onyika.fabby Hiyo spray haichafuwi hiyo nguo ya white….. concerned with 1000 others

wakinamuthoni So she pretty much copied what Spice did?

gichanemose That song is disgraceful to the music industry and Akothee

elsietheplanet No one: Vera Sidika: *stunt after stunt after stunt*

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