The last match before the EPL came to a halt was played on March 9th where Leicester City beat Aston Villa 4-0. The halt came as a precautionary measure to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Since then there have been so many rumors and speculations of when the EPL will resume. Kenyan football fans especially bettors have been anxious to start betting on their favorite teams especially now that a majority of them have been forced to stay home.

It had been earlier reported that the EPL was to resume on May 1st to allow for the completion of the pending matches for the current season so that a new season can begin the first week of August as scheduled. The current season will only require 6 weeks to conclude as most teams have nine more matches with only four teams having 10. There are in total 7 fixtures for the season to end.

Sadly though, the Premier League will not resume early May as earlier speculated. The restart dates are being constantly reviewed and we are yet to get a confirmation or a solid response on the date for when the league will resume. With the COVID-19 situation getting out of hands rapidly,  It is proving to be a challenge but the EPL is striving to work closely with all stakeholders including government and public agencies to come to a favorable solution.

According to Premier league news, the 2019/20 season will only resume when it is safe.

Premier League Tweet
Premier League Tweet

With the matches suspended, there has been a substantial amount of losses for the 2019/2020 season already. And there will be even more losses if the season doesn’t resume very soon. Clubs may have to overpay the players whose contracts are ending on July 30th otherwise risk legal challenges.

‘We hope to get the league done by the end of June. As soon as you go past that date, there are legal challenges,’ echoed Southampton chief executive Martin Semmens, who is equally worried of the implications of the EPL not resuming sooner.

If the curve doesn’t flatten soon, the EPL may be forced to consider other options so as not to have a kick-back season and eventually ruining the entire Premier league calendar for years to come.

One such option may be to have the matches played in closed doors, the World Cup-style. All the clubs will have to convene in a chosen location and all matches televised. The only people allowed would have to be the broadcasting and medical personnel but even then the risk is still too high and this may equally cost the Premier league to minimize any chance of even a single coronavirus case. This option among others is yet to be discussed by the league’s officials during their regular conference calls.

Kenyan football fanatics are probably very distressed about the discontinuation of the English Premier League. Sports bettors who usually bet on football in Kenya have had to find other alternatives to place their bets on. This has created a new market for virtual sports betting and online casinos in Kenya.

For now, Kenyan bettors and football fanatics can only hope that this pandemic gets behind us very soon so that normalcy can resume.