Whenever you look at your photos as a kid, all sorts of emotions engulf you. Sometimes you feel like bursting out in endless laughter or just wish that you could take a journey back in time into my childhood.

The innocence you always see in them is just but so incredible. Beautiful!!!

That said, we’ve all come across TBT photos of celebrities in showbiz, politics and media among other fields that we’ve all laughed at, if not show utter admiration.

Photo Of Pastor-Cum Fashion Critic Robert Burale When He Was As Poor As A Church Mouse

From President Uhuru Kenyatta to Mike Sonko and Akothee, we’ve all had our share of fun looking at their pictures when they were young. The latest in this interesting vibe is our president again!!

This amazing photo of President Uhuru and his mother Mama Ngina Kenyatta, is a stark testimony that the past doesn’t necessarily dictate the present.

Who would even think that the young boy captured in the photo standing next to his mom would someday become the most powerful man in the country?

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Uhuru Kenyatta