They say nothing easy comes on a silver platter and I agree to that. You need to break your back so as to live that desired life and popular local singer Akothee is a good example.

10 Stunning Photos Of Akothee’s 80 Million “Retirement” Home Emerge, Kenyans Go Mad With Jealousy

The award-winning singer who is never ashamed of sharing her past because she know it will inspire those still struggling in life. Here is yet one such inspirational story.

“Usione mtu ukadhani ni slimfit, wengine ni njaa, I never knew one way to the gym at this time, and was already a mother of 4, I was a threat to even single slaying queens with no babies, light skinned would not even look at me, for them, I belonged to another planet but when I just hit the dance floor , all the eyes on me, and with my long legs eish Tembo was lit, some girls got threatened and came up with stories when they were asked if they knew me, ‘who is this crazy girl’ some feed backs though!

1. She is not young, she has many children 
2. Her husband died from a ‘big disease’
3. She is a witch 
4. She is a thief 
5. She is illiterate never went to school 
6. She is not a Luo she is lying she is a Kikuyu 
7. Those children are not hers, they belong to her dead sister, she is using them to get sympathy 

This information got to me in one way or the other.  Mombasa world was too small, there were no secrets at all, white people have no secrets too and very curious, papa Ojwang is still laughing at what some girls told him about me..Eeeeh, what people say about you doesn’t / should not define you. people won’t talk about you if you have nothing special, if gossips or insults were bullets, some of us would be six feet under right now. o why care? leave them alone. Gossip is therapy to the threatened ones, LOVED BY MANY HATED BY FEW RESPECTED BY ALL.”

Akothee’s story or rather piece of advice was shared more than 100 times on Facebook. And below are her photos when she was still ashy.








the first ever car Akothee owned