Akuku Danger1

Ancentus Akuku popularly known as Akuku Danger (because of his good looks which women couldn’t resist) is the most polygamous man known in Kenya. Akuku danger who passed on in his late 90’s in early October 2010 is said to have married more than 100 women in his lifetime and fathered nearly 200 children.
Akuku Danger married his first wife Dinah Akuku in 1939 at the age of 22 and the last one Josephine Akuku in 1992. At home, he lived like a King, who had enough labourers to work on the farm, only playing the supervisory role. Every evening he would be treated to a warm brew of busaa specifically brewed for him by one of his many wives

Akuku Danger had so many children in his family that he established two elementary schools where his children went to as well as a church for his growing family to attend. Well, if you never had a chance to meet him or see him, below are the photos of Akuku Danger courtesy of Levin Odhiambo (Fb), Check them out