Why netizens have dubbed Amber Ray a great mom

• Amber has 2 kids, a teen son named Gavin and a year old toddler named Africanah whom she shares with 2 different baby daddy's 

Amber Ray hanging out with her son, Gavin

Socialite turned digital content creator and club host Faith Makau better known as Amber Ray has won netizens hearts after sharing a deep message for her teen son, Gavin.

Posting on her Instagram feed the bubbly content creator highlighted the deep love she has for her first born pointing out due to this she would never try to compete with his future wife and his family.

Unlike most boy mom's who are overly protective of their sons and cuddle them well into adulthood and giving their daughter-in-law a hard time, Amber maintains she knows her boundaries and is raising her son to know how to draw a line between her and his spouse.

A move she strongly feels if he's unable to distinguish she will be heartbroken. 

"One thing I know is, if my son grows up to think I come before his wife, then I have failed as a mother. I am raising my son to be a man, father and husband. I don’t come before his future family.🥰 #motherhood Cc @gavinclassic" the mother of 2 wrote as she captioned a photo of her and her son enjoying a day out.

Netizens flocked Amber's comment section hailing her as a mature lady with sound reasoning and a great outlook towards life as others echoed her remarks.

Below are a few comments from Instagram users;

84.27304That why I love and support you Amberay, greedy mothers should hear this 😂🤣

frida_karimi Well said Amber 👏

zainablicious Gavin is so tall, handsome and well-mannered, God bless ❤️

eve_kigumo We share the same school of thought on this one!🙌

graciemari Now this is the caption ❤️🔥

missmauko Amberay ..words of wisdom ❤️

mercy_iccy CAPTION 🙌❤️👏👏you're a great mum ❤️ply

nancy_wams Good job mama @iam_amberay .you have raised a gentleman. Most leave theirs in the village to suffer in the name of new lover

winniechepkiruikoskei You are an amazing mum @iam_amberay 😍

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