Why baddies should expect Willy Paul in their DM

•  Pozze said this on IG, revealing that he has a major project

Willy Paul
Image: Instagram

Singer Willy Paul has announced that he will be reaching out to beautiful Kenyan women on their Instagram direct messages.

Pozze said this on IG, revealing that he has a major project.

"Are You a Beautiful Lady? Model Type? Well, Expect Me In Your Dm Personally. So If You See Me Asking For Your Number Usishangae...Got Work For You!"

Pozze said this hours after a TikToker revealed that she had refused to give the singer her number.

Responding to her, Pozze wrote "Aki madem hawana pesa wanakuanga na utoto yawa. Basi my latest song lulu lala lazima iwe hit Amen."

Check out fans' reactions; 

Boilingpointke: Bora nisikuone kwa Dm ya Dem yangu ,😢nitaanguka nawewe😢

Leaky Lucky: Heeeey sawa kazi kwa warembo vienyeji msitense chance yenyu inacome sawa

Wangubest: Watu sii wajinga bwana 😂😂😂 one lege... anguka nayo 😂😂

Whoza boy: We tunakujua.... unataka kuanguka nao

Arrwa Jack Owino: Kwani pia maceleb hawanaa madem 😂😂the world is not fair

Iamresian: 'It was not that serious'

Lucky silver: These girls huwa wanamuongelesha vibaya ndio wapost watrend😂

Lewis Ycot: Big respect for self-respecting girls

Official henn: Kweli beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

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