Trisha Khalid claps back after being termed 'Kienyeji' over this

• Trisha was among guests at the Baby Shower & she took videos and pictures of the moment.

•  She was hanging out with content creator Hannah Benta, among others. 

Trisha Khalid

Coast-based actress Trisha Khalid has a bone to pick with Kenyans.

This follows numerous comments about her friends' behavior and appearance during the baby shower of content creator MaryLinda.

She was hanging out with content creator Hannah Benta, among others. 

MaryLinda and Rapho held a lavish event where their family and friends came to support them.

In the gender reveal party, the soon to be mum got excited to find out she is expecting a baby boy.

"Finally ni Champe, we thank God for a son on the way, it's not easy to get a Son it's by the grace of God..," MaryLinda captioned party pictures.

Trisha was among guests who as is tradition took videos and pictures of the moment.

Fans noticed their appearance and behavior, terming it Kienyeji.

Trisha went head-to-head with netizens, unhappy that strangers, more so women cyber bullies, are bothered by whom she hangs out with.

"Women SMH so these ladies call me kienyeji cos 'apparently' I went to Mary Linda's baby shower and did a few vids with my friends who happened to be there, y'all suck I'm not the type to choose 'class' unfortunately...I mingle with whoever matches my vibe...," she expressed her disgust.

The actress termed her friends as genuine.

"Someone said I should hang out with people my calibre . Caliber gani na sote tunateseka huku nje! munasetiwa standards za kiupuzi ndio munaita caliber. Tena munikome," she blasted netizens.

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