Recovery! Kimani Mbugua issues key update from Rehab to Kenyans

• Kimani in a video told Kenyans his recovery journey is going well

Kimani Mbugua
Kimani Mbugua
Image: Instagram

Media personality Kimani Mbugua appears to be recovering well.

He was taken to rehab last month by Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, over concerns about his utterances online.

Kimani appears to have been speaking on an Instagram live session on Amina Abdalla's IG account.

Wearing blue hospital scrubs, Kimani provides an update since he was last seen publicly.

"Endelea kuniombea, Naskia poa. Hata leo nafaa kupewa injection,"  saying he is upbeat about his condition.

He has a one-on-one with a woman off-camera, about his drug regimen.

The individual encourages him. "Utapona" which he agrees with. "Thank you, Inshallah

Kimani then addresses the camera saying "I would like to thank Mama Amina. Ni mtu ai I don't know what to say thank you, I've been treated so well, the food is great, it's so great, it doesn't I in the hospital? I'm eating biryani in a hospital? This hospital offers people biryani" he laughs heartily.

"And pilau, the food here is so good" revealing their meals on Fridays.

Kimani has been battling mental health issues, and his appearance online often elicits concern.

His dad in May told Oga Obinna in an interview that his son began experiencing mental health problems after his drink was allegedly spiked at a party.

“My daughter took his phone, went through, and saw the photos and videos of him at the party drinking while vomiting and falling as girls were beating him up. Before that my daughter told me she had seen a white substance in his glass, he said.

He said Mbugua's birthday was on February 19 and the party happened on February 20 from where they suspect he was spiked.

Mbugua's father said he was taken to the hospital and toxicology tests were carried out on him.

The father said that Mbugua's phone which had the recording got lost and they could not trace it.

“I told my daughter to confiscate that phone, how it got lost we don’t know,he said.

The father said after Mbugua became sobber he then asked him to open up on whether he smoked.

He said he had never seen him smoke until in 2021 when he openly smoked in his presence.

Mbugua's father said he conducted his investigation as a parent and found out that the friends he kept were using drugs and thus influenced his son's behaviour.

He said Mbugua was taken to hospital and when he began to recover he was allegedly spiked the second time.

“The following year after six months Mbuguaa went out and the following morning I was called and told me that he was the same way he was at the first time, the father said.

He thanked his doctor for advising Mbugua not to smoke.

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