Police reveal altercation that occurred moments before Sarah Gwan's tragic death

• The video vixen's sudden and tragic death has stunned many Kenyans who wondered what really happened.

Sarah Gwan
Image: Instagram

New details are emerging surrounding the mysterious death of video vixen Sarah Njogu, also known as Sarah Gwan, who passed away a week ago.

According to a report by Citizen TV, investigators are looking into a possible altercation that may have led to the renowned dancer's death.

Sarah allegedly fell from an apartment building in Kasarani, where she was hanging out with two female friends and one unidentified man.

The report suggests that Sarah might have been involved in an argument with one of her friends about a foreign man both were dating at the same time.

Sarah died four days later while battling for her life at Kenyatta National Hospital.

The three friends were arrested and taken into custody but were released two days later on a Sh60,000 cash bail each.

Family Speaks on Rumours Surrounding Death

The report comes a few days after the late video vixen's family strongly disputed claims that she had taken her own life.

The family disputes the friends' account, which insinuates that Sarah intentionally threw herself off the balcony.

Sarah's mother adamantly denied that her daughter would have taken her own life and strongly rejected the friends' version of events.

Parent's Version of Events

In the early hours of June 25, Mary Wanjiru, the late Sarah's mother received a call from St. Francis Hospital, Kasarani, informing her that her daughter had been admitted after a dangerous fall.

Upon arriving at St. Francis Hospital, Wanjiru was horrified to find her daughter lying on a bed with blood oozing from her ears and a cut on her head.

Meanwhile, Sarah's father was on his way to Nairobi from Karatina after receiving the tragic news.

Sarah was in critical condition, and the medical team quickly decided to transfer her to Kenyatta National Hospital for more advanced care.

When her father arrived, he filed a formal complaint with the police at the Kasarani Police Station.

However, the police advised him to see his daughter first before filing an official statement.

After visiting Sarah, he returned to the police station, and two officers accompanied him back to St. Francis Hospital.

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