Fans react as Brown Mauzo gets matching tattoo with Bae

•  Just this week, the couple celebrated their first dating anniversary in a joint Instagram page

Brown Mauzo and Kabianga
Brown Mauzo and Kabianga
Image: Instagram

Brown Mauzo and his lover Kabianga have gotten matching tattoos a year after they started dating. The two inked a queen and King tattoo on their arms.

 Just this week, the couple celebrated their first dating anniversary in a joint Instagram page.

"Happy anniversary my love @kabinga_jr in you i found a best friend,confidant & supporter. Grateful & blessed,🥂🥂excited for the journey ahead,to many more My angel."

Check out fans' reactions;

Manuagade: Lakini huyu boy pia hu-fall in love na nguvu akii

Esther Amo: Na msitustress mkiachana. Us we are protesting nyi mnamix love na taxes

Chonsen One: Should we tell them or we we wait.

Bobotev: Atleast hawakuandika majina

Ziggy230: Tumezoea na mutaachana tu

Redbadman: hii inasaidieaje kwa RUto MUSt Go .. unataka salamu????

Brown Mauzo's most publicised relationship was with socialite Vera Sidika. The two got married and sired two kids, Asia and Ice Brown.

Last month, Sidika threw a divorce party to celebrate separating from Brown Mauzo.

“Free like a bad, let’s get this party started. Marriage is a scam you all,” she said

When I say marriage is a scam that’s my opinion and views on it. It’s not a fact. To some marriage is beautiful, to me marriage is a scam,” she said.

Kenya tunapenda usherati, but act holy when we see someone else openly living that life carefree. Not that we hate it. We just hate their cuts. But do the same thing behind closed doors."

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