Actor Ondiek Nyuka Kwota opens up about alcoholism and adultery

• The actor got candid about drinking alcohol, women and chewing miraa

ondike nyuka kwota
ondike nyuka kwota

Veteran actor Ondiek Nyuka Kwota has opened up about a troubled past, that saw him make bad decisions for his family.

Speaking to Kikuyu YouTuber Jeff Kuria, the Vioja Mahakamani actor said that fame led to his indulging in alcohol and adultery.

He recalled a day when he was spotted in town drunk by fans of his TV show "You see you even give the show a bad name. People think you are a joke. "

He misused money leading to rent arrears. His excuse? Salary delays.

"That time the Landlord would come demanding money and I would tell him VOK hasn't paid us yet. Yes, they had not paid, but you see I was making money but not paying rent. I was using it for fun then I came back home broke"

He blamed this on fame and pressure.

"Today I am alive because of God. I thank God for saving my life. He loved me. I was not a good man. I misbehaved for so many years. Like say you go to Meru, you make money, then you blow it. Then you go to Mombasa where it was worse," he said.

He decided to change his lifestyle.

"You find we lived a life here, you have a woman, you go there, another one. You live a very difficult life. Things go wrong. You end up making life difficult for your family, they lack basic needs because you are living life in the fast lane," he added.

He partied hard.  

"I kept telling God, I dont want this life anymore. My dad was a drunkard, he made life difficult. I prayed to God to take away the spirit of prostitution in me, you may find that it runs in your family, I had told God, dont let it locate me, but it came. It got to a point where I would cry when drunk. So that time came"

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