Vivianne narrates deep family issue that pushed her to quit alcohol

• The artist likened indulging in alcohol to playing with fire, especially when one can't self regulate 

Image: Instagram

Gospel artist and author Vivianne Wambui Ndirangu  popularly known as Vivian KE is opening up about her sobriety journey and what pushed her towards the path.

Taking to her socials the mother of one narrated how alcoholism has been a trait in her family and her wish to break that cycle. Especially since she'd seen one too many relatives lose their lives due to the vice.

"I am among those who’ve grown up in a family where alcoholism has snatched many lives. It’s an extremely common scenario that I believe is handled too casually or hidden in shame," the artist wrote in part. 

She went on to add how she feels the conversation around alcohol abuse is always shrouded in shame which makes it harder for people who might want to seek help shy away from doing so.

"Given the extreme effects of alcoholism we must do better. Alcoholism brings serious suffering in families. Premature deaths and children growing up neglected. Being an entertainer has not spared me from it but I stopped playing with it.. it’s like playing with fire... itakuchoma tu," the motivational author added cautioning people who cannot limit themselves or have history with alcoholism from indulging at all.

Finishing up she asked her Instagram followers to share with her how they had managed to quit drinking as well as encourage one another in the comment section on ways to go through life without getting intoxicated despite the urge. 

"It usually starts as a way to socialize but as life continues lifting it becomes a companion for many of us. Loving alcohol is an illusion. Unashtukianga it’s 20 years na damu imejaa mvinyo 😅Kaeni rada waseee.

How did you stop? Leave a comment for that person contemplating how and why to leave without a ka-drink..." the last of her post read. 

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