Karen Nyamu eats a humble pie as she is forced to apologize to Gen Z & women


• I have lost more than 10, 000 followers on social media - Karen Nyamu said. 

Karen Nyamu
Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu is one of many Kenyan leaders who have recently come under fire for their stance on the disputed Finance Bill 2024.

Nyamu stated that a comment she made about the Eco Levy on the Finance Bill cost her over 10,000 Instagram followers.

The senator claimed she came under fire after an Instagram user questioned why she supported the Finance Bill since it suggested taxing locally manufactured sanitary towels.

Nyamu said that her response was taken out of context by a section of Kenyans online.

"I responded to try and explain to her that it was not the case and that locally manufactured sanitary towels were not going to attract the Eco Levy," she said.

"She asked me which local sanitary towel I use, I responded to her that I use tampons because Mr Speaker, I use tampons."

Nyamu said that her response was taken as arrogance adding that it was all misinformation.

As a result, Nyamu said Kenyans have nicknamed her 'Dem wa tampons' across social media.

Nyamu further said that her response was taken out of context and ended up being reported to President William Ruto during an engagement on X Space.

"They told him that some of the leaders under him are arrogant, they said Senator Nyamu is very arrogant based on my statement saying that I use tampons and supporting the Finance Bill 2024," she added.

"This is the first time in my life that I am being called arrogant, those who know me and those who have had the chance to interact with me will speak of my humility and persona, down-to-earth nature which is far from arrogance," she said.

The legislator expressed remorse to those who felt offended by her statement.

She, however, said she will not shy away from affirming what is right.

"If I was misunderstood because I certainly was, I want to say to the youth and woman of Kenya who got angry by my statement that I don't withdraw because I use tampons but I am sorry for angering you and I'm one of those fighters of the young generation," she said.

Nyamu said that she believes in the President hence her strong stance on the Finance Bill 2024.

She added that it is her responsibility to convince the young people that President Ruto has good intentions for the country.

"It is not up to me to join you for the misinformation, it is up to me as an ambassador of this government to show you and win you over by saying that you be patient the President is working.

She said the President has been performing well pointing out the move to appoint a task force to audit the public debt.

According to Nyamu, the Finance Bill was tailored to address issues such as public debt.

Ruto declined to sign the controversial Finance Bill, 2024.

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