Diana B defends men moving into their girlfriend's houses

• The content creator emphasized a man not having his own place wasn't grounds for a breakup

Diana Marua aka Diana B

Digital content creator and bussing musician Diana Marua has revealed that she has never had an issue with a man living in her house while they dated. 

Speaking during an episode of Hello Mr. Right that she co-hosts with comedian and MC Dr. Ofweneke the mother of 3 revealed she's ever had a boyfriend move into her apartment because he couldn't make his rent. 

Diana's story was fuelled by Ofweneke highlighting out, "One of the worst mistakes a man can make is to move into a woman's house. My space is our space, but her space is her space," 

Voicing her disagreement with that line of thought, Bahati's fiancé opened up on how she once used to cohabit with a man in her space and their relationship was flourishing still as she had immense love for him and didn't view him living in her house as failure on his part.

"I don't agree with that story. Truth be told, mi nilikuwa kwa such a situation. Nilipenda huyu boy manze. Na huyu boy hakuwa anajiweza. Mmi at least nilikuwa na kakitu," started off Diana B.

Diana Marua aka Diana B

She emphasized a man not having his own place wasn't grounds for a breakup.

"He had his place but hakuwa anaweza kulipa rent so he moved into my house. But that does not mean huyu msee sasa ako chini ati at that particular point and we can no longer continue with the relationship just because he doesn't have his own house," 

On why they didn't end up together despite how much she loved him and the endurance she had the mother of 3 revealed that at the end of it all men are egotistical and recoil when their pride is injured.

"If I'm being honest, he had his ego as a man. So one night we had an argument and he said najua si kwangu ndio maana unaniongelesha how you want. Arguments are part of life. Na mimi nilislip nikamwambia kama alikuwa anafeel my house haikuwa standard yake basi aende out and hustle," the upcoming musician shared. 

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