Watch: How Gen Z has helped Pastor Ng'ang'a with major issue

• The controversial cleric has been very loud about his issues with the current government.

Pastor Ng'ang'a

Once more, Pastor James Ng'ang'a, the leader of Neno Evangelism Center, has discussed Generation Z. The contentious preacher hasn't held back when expressing his affection for Generation Z, who have led the charge in anti-government demonstrations for the past month.

Pastor Nga'ang'a praised Generation Z and asserted that God had sent them to shield him from land grabers during a sermon at his church.

"Somebody claimed that this land belonged to his mother. But the Gen Z uprising has emerged. God has brought Gen Zs to help me. They are God sent. Clap for them. If you touch me, Gen Zs will be here tomorrow," Ng'ang'a said.

Read some of the comments below:

@haron gitau:And just like that wamepanga kutumaliza will be a revolution song in any maandamano

@Nick Cesc #Bd16th July#:i was serious until he sang, wamepanga kutumaliza

@greenhubethan:Wee Gn bana..I mean Gen Z why cant you go surprise your commander this Sunday

@kenzie:Commander is among few pastors that don't tolerate politicians

@Jey-T:waguze commander tunaland kaa kaa bomb

@Akinyi:this man should be a comedian

8 days ago, Ng'ang'a had spoken about Gen Z and even explained why he failed to show up at the street protest, even after promising to show up.

Pastor Ng'ang'a who was speaking during the church service, said the reason was because he was told that he is not Gen Z.

"When I went to a protest, the young people said it was a G protest. They said, 'How many Z's am I?' there are three groups and they said that, 'You are an old man.' I don't know which G is here... I was told that I am not G N."

The man of God had assured the public that he would join them in the protest last week on Tuesday.

"Even I will be there for that protest, now come and hit me with teargas, I can speak as a citizen, I will leave the pastor here, let you see me." Pastor Ng'ang'a said.

Pastor Ng'ang'a has been disagreeing with the Kenyan Kwanza government saying he does not like the way it treats its people.

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