Nanny Rosie finally speaks on why she never went back to Lebanon

• Rosie went viral back in 2023 when a video of a Lebanese family bidding her goodbye with tears at an airport went viral.

Nanny Rosie
Image: Facebook

Late last year, Kenyans were thrilled when a video of nanny being lovingly bid goodbye by the Lebanese family she was working for went viral.

The lady it was discovered was Nanny Rosie who has since gotten a sizable fanbase on social media. 

The lady recently spoke to Oga Obinna on his YouTube show and revealed why she had decided not to go back to Lebanon despite initial rumours that she would. 

Rosie said she had been contemplating quitting her job even before informing her employers.

"I only worked for six months. I came back in June. When I went back, I knew I wouldn’t complete the two years. But I hadn’t told my bosses because I knew it would break their hearts," she shared.

Nanny Rosie with the kids she was taking care of in the past
Image: Facebook

Her trip back to Lebanon wasn't without its difficulties. Because of the strong link she had developed with her employers' children, her children, whom she left behind in Kenya, suffered from feelings of abandonment and envy.

"My daughter is turning 14 this year. A youngster needs their parents at this age. She would phone me in tears and tell me she wanted to go home. My boys felt abandoned too. Knowing my kids felt neglected made it difficult for me to concentrate on my career," Rosie remarked.

Heartbreakingly, Rosie had to choose between being there for her kids and staying for the money.

"They perceived it as though I belonged to a different family. The affection was waning. I was not at peace. Seeing my children weep all the time made me cry all the time too. I was forced to decide between the money and my kids."

In the end, Rosie made the decision to move back home. Her employers were worried that they had done something improper when she conveyed the news to them.

"No, they didn't act improperly. Even though I was a single parent and needed the money badly, dealing with it was the hardest thing to do. I wanted to be there for my kids as they grew into teenagers and discovered how the world worked," she finished.

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