Mbosso distances himself from Toronto show after drama

• The singer gave his sorry to the people who had been conned through his name


Tanzanian singer Mbosso has distanced himself from a failed show in Toronto. This comes a day after a promoter threw shade at the singer for failing to attend the show.

Mbosso said he was only invited to perform at a show in Vancouver and not in Toronto.

"I did not have a show in Toronto, I only had a show in Vancouver which I was invited by two promoters who came together as partners."

Adding "I do not know that guy, I only saw him on social media speaking about me."

Mbosso said he had forgiven him and did not blame him as he had been conned his money by other people. 

Asked why there was posters of his photo at the supposed venue, he said "I knew he had been conned. I have a social media page where I post my shows, do not go to events that have people's photos and believe anything. People have social media accounts and that's where  you can get information."

"I knew people had been conned because they shared posters of me on their venue. Who told people I would perform in Toronto?"

The singer gave his sorry to the people who had been conned through his name.

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