Maureen Waititu weighs in on Kenyan doctor interns sleeping on the streets

• Some of the interns have not been placed on internship in the past two years.

Maureen Waititu weighs in on Kenyan doctor interns sleeping on the streets

Kenyan influencer Maureen Waititu has expressed her disappointment at how the government is treating medics.

The interns had on Monday taken to the streets in what was dubbed #OccupyMOH.

Taking to her socials, Maureen captioned

"Yaaani some of the best brains in Kenya 🇰🇪 spent a cold night and might continue to, just to get what is rightfully theirs? That is Internship placements that have not taken place in the last two years as per the Doctors CBA 2017. But our leaders would rather steal and go overseas for treatment while the country has a shortage of doctors."

Kenyan nurses sleep on the streets

Below are some more sentiments from Kenyans.

@itskipronoh: Hawa ni Intern Doctors pale Afya House! Hawa ni watu wanafaa wakue kwa hospitali wakiwatibu Wakenya! Inauma sana! Shame on Kenya Kwanza government! #OccupyMOH #OccupyCBDTuesday

Millicent Ngugi : Remember when I told you about Kenyan Healthcare workers being in the WHO amber list? The ratio of trained healthcare workers to citizens is so low in Kenya that WHO has prohibited active agency recruitment of Doctors and Nurses.Yet, the few trained healthcare workers can't get jobs within the country. The government would rather fund unconstitutional offices like that of the first lady, the second lady and whatever else.Tonight, healthcare workers are sleeping outside the Ministry of Health offices, until they get posted. Find a way to support their cause, because nothing sucks more than spending years in school, being told you're the best brains in the country, only to end up on the streets, skilled but unemployed.

La Patrona: What you are seeing here are young people who scored straight As and who graduated from different universities with with solid medical degrees spending the night outside because someone with an online pharmacy degree and a procurement certificate refuses to listen. These young doctors will be occupying MOH (day and night) until they are all posted and you can support them by joining the protest or sending Food, Water, Umbrellas, Torches, Power banks and Coffee.

Beatrice Muthui-Mutua:Post medical interns. What country is this, what an embarrassment.Young doctors who have been awaiting posting for more than a year hold overnight vigil at Ministry of Health.

Amakove Wala : Our intern doctors, sleeping outside Afya House tonight. They have not been posted for internship for close to two years. They cannot practise medicine without this mandatory internship. Which country is this!

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