Major thing that impressed Crazy Kennar about South Africa

• The comedian relocated to South Africa to further his studies.

Crazy Kennar
Image: Instagram

Multi-award winning digital content creator and comedian Crazy Kennar recently relocated to South Africa and his stay there appears to be nothing but glorious, health perks considered.

Sharing on his socials the comedian narrated a huge culture shock that he encountered while down there, leaving his fellow Kenyans shaking with jealousy and wishful thinking.

According to Kennar South Africa offers free public health care in its hospitals. A reality most African countries can only dream about.

"Fell sick here in S.A today and I went to a public hospital, I am surprised that I was treated for free," the brand influencer wrote in part accompanying the post with several laughing emojis.

Still in disbelief at the services he had received he went on to add, "Eeii maajabu (wow such a wonder) Walk in and walk out." 

His post garnered a lot of reaction with Kenyans hilariously using the, "God I see what you are doing for others," trendy social media slogan.

South African public healthcare is funded by the government by taxation, as well as through point-of-care spending from patients. The only other African country with known free health care services is Botswana.

Botswana established a free healthcare system that operates a system of public medical centers, with 98% of health facilities in the country run by the government.

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