List of Kenyan shows that are on Netflix

• Some of these actors include Nick Mutuma, Sarah Hassan among others.

Award-winning film enthusiast Daudi Anguka has reached a new milestone as his feature film 'Mvera' is now on Netflix.

Speaking to this writer the filmmaker and CEO of AR Films expressed his joy about joining the streaming platform.

"I am truly grateful and happy for this noble achievement. I believe it's high time Netflix invested more in the Kenyan market because we have a lot to offer. Not forgetting the huge untapped global market that is eager to hear and watch our stories and experience the thrill and uniqueness of our culture starting from our beautiful language of Swahili. I call upon more producers to commit heavily on selling our culture to the world."

We take a look at Kenyan movies on Netflix with the latest being David Anguka's drama 'Mvera'

1. The Bahati's

2. Disconnect



5. Sincerely Daisy

6. It's Us

7. Supa Modo

8. Nairobi Half Life.

9. Country Queen

10. Disconnect

11.Just in Time

12. Click Click Bang


14. Married to Work

15. Day Dreamers

16. 40 Sticks

17. Uradi

18. Subira

19. An Instant Dad

20. Lusala

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