Diamond's manager reveals why the singer is the most successful artiste in TZ

• Babu Tale explains why his artiste has managed to make it in the music industry

Babu Tale with Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz manager Babu Tale has responded to the question 'What makes Platnumz the most successful musician in Tanzania.'

Babu Tale, who is now a member of parliament but still works with the singer explained that the singer has dedicated himself to everything he does.

"It's about the discipline that he puts in," he answered

He gave an example of when Diamond went for an interview where he was supposed to speak in English but he was unable. When he got back home, he enrolled in grammar courses.

"Today, he knows more English than I do," he said

He added;

"He is a person who, when met with challenges, works on himself. He is someone who, when he wants to do something, he is going for it."

With over a decade in the industry, Diamond Platnumz has over time become one of the most sought-after artistes in East Africa.

Currently, he is making headlines with his hit song Komasava which has taken the world by storm. The song has gained millions of views on YouTube and digital streaming platforms. It has also gained popularity on TikTok as thousands of people have done its dance challenge.

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