Why Dennis Ombachi is trending

• The food influencer is currently in China at the moment.

self taught chef dennis ombachi
self taught chef dennis ombachi

Ex-rugby player Dennis Ombachi, currently in China, is closely monitoring events in Kenya. The self-taught chef has sparked an online feud with Twitter bigwigs Cyprian Nyakundi and Robert Alai.

Ombachi participated in an X space hosted by Amerix late Sunday, where Kenyans discussed current affairs.

Central to the discussion was the public X space hosting President Ruto by X's Osama Otero, who has faced criticism for allegedly betraying the Gen Z cause.

Ombachi vehemently confronted Cyprian Nyakundi and Robert Alai during the Sunday space, questioning them.

Robert Alai responded fiercely to the criticism with Cyprian saying that Kenyans knew who he was and that people should stay focused.

Read some of the comments from Kenyans below who heard the interaction:

Gabriel Oguda Ombachi flushed the toilet immediately after dropping the mic. Bwana someone hold me.

AlinurMohamed Dennis Ombachi should look for Nyakundi, and they should sort out their issues privately. It doesn't concern us, bro. That's gossip.

Gabriel Oguda I'm told Ombachi is doing the Lord's work in some space right now, and I can't help but stan a Kenyan legend. Someone find that GOAT and give him my Malaria vaccine.

@ThepemlinKee Ombachi has started cooking.

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