Some of the best highlights from the Shujaaz Memorial Concert


• The event was held in honour of those Kenyans who passed on during the Anti-Finance Bill protests.

Maji Maji x Nameless x Bien
Image: Mpasho Exclusives

The Gen Z movement has truly amazed even beyond the borders of the country, prompting Nigeria to stage a 10-day protest against bad governance.

The energy and peace shown in the previous protests were met with extreme force by the police, resulting in injuries and loss of life.

In honor of the fallen heroes who fought for better governance, Gen Z's organized a memorial concert. They also made contributions to facilitate medical bills and burial processes.

Image: Mpasho Exclusives

All of the celebrities and artists who performed at the concert did so for free. Among them was Bien, who has been advocating for an informed voting process to elect leaders with the interests of the common man at heart.

Eric Wainaina also performed his iconic song "Nchi ya Kitu Kidogo," which highlights the corruption menace in the country.

The concert was graced by Busia County Senator Okiya Omtatah, who single-handedly made the court rule for public participation in the Finance Bill before it is amended, as required by the constitution.

The legendary Maji Maji, known for his controversial song "Unbwogable" in the early 2000s, also participated in the protests and performed at the concert.

His song gained national attention when Museveni used the term "Unbwogable," which became a sensation.

Several artists who have been at the forefront of the protests attended the concert, performing music that largely condemns corruption and bad leadership.

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