'Mjipange' Mps rumored to stop issuing bursaries over insults by Gen Z

Mps have been discussing the fate of bursaries according to Lurambi Mp

Kenyan notes of different denominations
Image: The-Star

Kenyans Mps may very well end the issuance of bursaries to young Kenyans.

Lurambi Mp Titus Khamala is alleged to have revealed that Mps have been in discussion over insults.

Online, Kenyans are saying amounts are too small, questioning the rationale of disbursement.

Khamala said 

"Sisi kama wabunge tumeongea kwa kauli moja that CDF yenye inatuletea tabu, tunatukanwa Mpigs, sikuhizi naitwa supreme pig" he claimed about insults in a video heard from IG Ulizalinks.

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) elected MP gestured, adding they were frustrated with criticism of the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF).

"Hiyo matusi yote to end it to make Gen Z happy, wao pia si hii bursary inaenda kwa Gen Z? Hii inaenda kwa millenials kweli, hii bursary? Si inaenda kwa Gen Z?"

Mpigs, is a term used in Kenya to refer to how greedy leaders or politicians are.

"So mjipange life without CDF. " he admitted about the future of the fund.

MP'ss have also proposed how Gen Z can deal with their educational financial needs

So tumesema itolewe wao watakuwa wanatafuta HELB, na wanaenda lwa Ministry Education, na wanaenda kwa Government county"

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