Larry Madowo and Edith Kimani delight fans during Shujaaz concert

• Over the years, the two have aroused suspicions that they might be an item.

Edith Kimani and Larry Madowo
Image: X

Journalists Edith Kimani and Larry Madowo joined hundreds of Kenyans at Uhuru Park for the memorial concert Sunday July 7 to honor fallen heroes who died in the anti tax protests.

The concert was hailed a success as artiste entertained crowds. It was dubbed the Shugenz memorial concert

Larry and Edith stood on the sidelines covering the events of the day. They also took time to mingle with their fans who loved them.

Edith works for DW news while Larry is the CNN Africa Correspondent. Edith urged fans to look for them to speak about the concert.

"Attending? Find me. Stop me. Say what you need to say. We are here for you." 

A picture of them hugging was also shared, sending Kenyans into a meltdown. Anytime they appear together publicly, rumours about their friendship will always swirl.

"Pale uhuru Park na Edith Kimani," The CNN correspondent teased on his X account.

The picture has well over 361k views, and comments loving their relationship. The two have often been teased by fans that they are in a relationship

Read some of the comments from ecstatic fans below:

𝐀𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐡𝐚𝐦 @itsabrahm·Ayayaa hii imeenda

Dr. Kipkirui@jessykigen·Larry.. just marry her. All this nonsense you guys are doing pretending as if you met coincidentally should stop.. ama namna Gani?

Mwalimu Wanjala IGCSE,CBC.@critic_smart·I bless you with twins

siah wanja @s1ah_wanja·Mbona sikukuona unishike hivi?23216.1KBella@_Nana_Kc·11hHadi mumevaa matching boots..heri nyinyi baas..

Alex@iMuthembaa·Rudi Italy unatutekea madem wote

KIJANA YA NGARA@KennedyOsera·You looking good together,harusi tunayo hatuna?

KOT Sonko™@sonko_254·Mad respect Larr

Cullen Ndungu@cullenndungu·Kifuniko ya gas got nothing on you.

KIJANA YA NGARA@KennedyOsera·You looking good together,harusi tunayo hatuna?

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